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Support: +358 407656005

Do you sell single pairs?

Yes, you can buy single pair.  SLS no have quantity requiments for shoe lasts orders.

Can I get student discount?

Yes, you can get  -10 % off  with your student ID.

Can you make wooden lasts?

Yes, we can use for lasts making:

1) wood

2) low density plastic

3) high densitiy plastic

Where I can find wholsale prices?

Please send your request to erki@shoe-last-shop.com

Do you ship internationally?

We can offer standard shipping solutions to:

United States ( 2-3 working days )

Canada ( 3-4 working days )

Europe Union ( 2 – 5 working days )

Asia ( 5 working days )

Australia ( 5 working days )


Couriers:  DHL / FedEx/ UPS

If you need additional shipping rates and time,  please send your request.

NB! Shipping time not include production time

From where SLS products will be shipped?

All SLS products will be shipped from Italy .



How long is the production time?

Estimate shoe lasts production time is  5-10 working days.

It can take few days more or less. It depends about current situation in production.


How big is the shoe production minimum quantity ?

Minimum quantity is 10 pairs per size.

Feel free to ask if you have any question about shoe production in Italy.



Can I choose US size chart instead of EU ?

Yes, you can choose size charts between:

French ( EU )

American ( US )

English ( UK )



Do we have more models ?

Yes, shoe lasts  models  selection is actually very wide.

We can choose between thousands of models ( 50 000 + )

Just send your request with description about design what you like to find.


Do you ship to Australia and NewZealand ?

Yes, we do.  Shipping rates to Australia and NewZealand is:

3 kg                     57 EUR

5                           63

10                        86

15                        100

20                        113

25                        126


Height x Length x Width





What type of hinge I need to choose?

Please check this page

ALFA – boots and shoes

TENDO – Shoes styles like: Moccasins, balet flats , kids models, etc.

WEDGE – Boots, ankle boots

SOLID –  Sandals , slippers.