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Shoe production in Italy

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The momentum of change in the fashion industry has increased recently and is set to continue in the future, making it important for all of us to keep pace and strategically position our business models for continued success. We are able to develop any new product from the various constructions available with the best quality standards.

Your project is born when your ideas meet our know-how. We interpret what you want to achieve and make it happen by creating the form, modelling, selecting the materials and crafting the sample, materializing your handcrafted quality shoes made in Italy.

After analysing the project, as a general rule we make comments and suggest the most appropriate options to make the project feasible in production terms, avoiding problems later down the line.

This is where our expertise comes in, allied with our network of suppliers in finding materials such as leathers, textiles, components and soles. We don’t only make shoes, we also have the know-how to develop a new type of leather, a detail or a sole and identify the most suitable supplier.

There is a dynamic between the first prototype and the sales sample that involves a process of revisions and corrections until your vision is achieved.

Another stage might entail creating a confirmation sample if an order is placed. In this case, the packaging can also be developed (box, tissue paper, dust bag).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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